Lifetime Appliance WR71X10973 Door Bin Module Shelf Compatible with General Electric (GE) Refrigerator

Lifetime Appliance Parts


  • ✅ Part Numbers: WR71X10973, AP5628753, WR71X10607, 2313915, PS3513394, WR71X10253
  • ✅ Ultra Durable Replacement Door Bin Module Shelf Compatible with General Electric (GE) Refrigerator
  • ✅ This is the middle bin on the door of compatible refrigerator models. Please refer to the pictures and the list below. The cover insert has the part number WR71X10764.
  • ✅ Fits Models beginning with: CSCP5, CZS25, FIG21, GCA24, GCE21, GCE23, GCE24, GCG21, GCG23, GCK21, GCK23, GCU23, GHE25, GIE21, GIG21, GSA28, GSE25, GSE27, GSE28, GSE29, GSE30, GSG25, GSK25, GSS23, MCG23, MIG23, PCA23, PCE23, PCF23, PCF25, PCG21, PCG23, PCK23, PCP21, PCP23, PCT23, PCU23, PHE25, PHG25, PIE23, PIG21, PIG23, PIT23, PJA25, PJE25, PJG25, PJU25, PSA29, PSC21, PSC23, PSC25, PSCF3, PSCF5, PSCS3, PSCS5, PSDF3, PSDF5, PSDS3, PSDS5, PSDW3, PSE25, PSE26, PSE27, PSE29, PSF23, PSF26, PSFW3,
  • PSG25, PSG27, PSG29, PSH23, PSH25, PSHF6, PSHF9, PSHS6, PSHS9, PSHW6, PSI21, PSI23, PSIC3, PSIC5, PSJC5, PSK25, PSK27, PSK29, PSLS3, PSLS5, PSP25, PSP27, PSP29, PSQS6, PSR26, PSS23, PSS25, PSS26, PSS27, PSS28, PSS29, PSSB6, PSSC6, PSSF3, PSSS3, PSSS7, PSSS9, PST26, PST27, PST29, PSTW6, PSW23, PSW26, PSX29, PWG25, PWT26, PZS23, PZS25, RCA24, RCA25, RCE24, RCE25, RCU24, RCU25, RIE24, ZCE23, ZCG23, ZFSB2, ZHE25, ZSE27, ZSG27