WB15X309 Door Handle Compatible with General Electric Microwave

Lifetime Appliance Parts


Black Door Handle Compatible with General Electric Microwave

Part Numbers:

WB15X309, AP2623337, 2366, AH232240, EA232240, PS232240, WB04X0123, WB07X1892, WB15X0300, WB15X0309, WB15X300, WB4X123, WB7X1892

List of Compatible Models:

JVM140K04, JVM140K03, JVM142K03, JVM140J01, JVM130K04, JVM140K02, JVM130K02, JVM142K04, JVM132K04, JVM130J01, JVM130K03, JVM131K03, JVM132K02, JVM132K03, JVM139J02, JVM142K02, JVM150K02, JVM130K01, JVM131K04, JVM139K02, JVM140J02, JVM141K03, JVM150K04, JVM139J01, JVM139K03, JVM139K04, JVM142J02, JVM130J03, JVM131J02, JVM132J01, JVM133J02, JVM141K04, JVM150J03, JVM150J04, JVM150K03, JVM172K02, JVM172K03, LVM135K02, JVM130J02, JVM131K01, JVM131K02, JVM132J03, JVM132K01, JVM133K03, JVM133K04, JVM139J03, JVM140J03, JVM140K01, JVM142J01, JVM152J01, JVM152J03, JVM152J04, JVM152K02, JVM152K03, JVM152K04, LVM135J02, LVM135K03, JVM131J01, JVM131J03, JVM132J02, JVM133J01, JVM133K01, JVM133K02, JVM139K01, JVM141J01, JVM141J02, JVM141J03, JVM141K01, JVM141K02, JVM142K01, JVM150J01, JVM150J02, JVM150K01, JVM152J02, JVM152K01, JVM172J01, JVM172K01, LVM135J01, LVM135K04