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WB15X10220 Handle Compatible with General Electric Microwave

WB15X10220 Handle Compatible with General Electric Microwave

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  • Part Numbers: WB15X10220, AP3993750, 1262615, AH1480982, EA1480982, PS1480982

  • Ultra Durable Replacement Handle for General Electric (GE) Microwave

  • *** PLEASE READ ***: Please do not confuse with WB15X10224 which has a different length (longer). If your model is not listed below, this handle will NOT fit your microwave.

  • Fits Models: DVM1850DMBB01, DVM1850DMWW01, JVM1850DMWW01, JNM1851DMBB01, DVM1850DM2BB, DVM1850DM2WW, DVM1850DM3BB, DVM1850DM3WW, DVM1850DM4BB, DVM1850DM4WW, DVM1850MM2BG, DVM1850MM3BG, DVM1850MM4BG, DVM1850MMBG01, JNM1851DM2BB, JNM1851DM2CC, JNM1851DM2WW, JNM1851DM3BB, JNM1851DM3CC, JNM1851DM3WW, JNM1851DM4BB, JNM1851DM4CC, JNM1851DM4WW, JNM1851DMCC01, JNM1851DMWW01, JVM1840DR1BB, JVM1840DR1WW, JVM1850DM1WW, JVM1850DM2BB, JVM1850DM2CC, JVM1850DM2WW, JVM1850DM3BB, JVM1850DM3CC, JVM1850DM3WW,

  • JVM1850DM4BB, JVM1850DM4CC, JVM1850DM4WW, JVM1850DMBB01, JVM1850DMCC01

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