Lifetime Appliance WB15X10022 Door Handle Compatible with General Electric Microwave

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JVM1410BC001 JVM1660WB005 JVM1660SB005 RVM1435WH001 JVM1440BD003 JVM1440BH04 JVM1650SB004 JVM1430BD002 JVM1440BD001 JVM1650BB008 JVM1440BA01 JVM1631BB004 RVM1435BD001 JVM1660BB005 JVM1460BA01 JVM1630BB007 JVM1650BB005 JVM1640BB004 JVM1440BH01 JVM1631BB007 JVM1660AB005 JVM1660BB006 JVM1630BB004 JVM1650BB003 RVM1435BD002 JVM1440BD002 JVM1450BA01 JVM1653BD001 JVM1653SF001 RVM1625SJ01 JVM1441SH001 JVM1640BB002 JVM1640BB007 JVM1660SB05 JVM1441BD003 JVM1650BB006 JVM1650SB001 JVM1431BA01 JVM1441BD002 JVM1460SA01 JVM1630BB002 JVM1631BB002 JVM1631BB005 JVM1642BB002 JVM1653BD004 JVM1660BB003 363.627092 JVM1440SH03 JVM1441BH01 JVM1441SH03 JVM1443LK02 JVM1630BB005 JVM1650SB002 JVM1653BD003 JVM1660BB004 JVM1420BB01 JVM1430BA01 JVM1442BA01 JVM1443BK02 JVM1451BA01 JVM1630BB001 JVM1630BB01 JVM1631BB006 JVM1650BB001 JVM1650BB007 JVM1651BB001 JVM1660BB008 JVM1443BK01 JVM1631BB003 JVM1640BB006 JVM1642BB003 JVM1650BB002 JVM1651BB003 JVM1660SB004 JVM1661SB003 RVM1535DM1WW EMO3000CBB001 JVM1420BB02 JVM1430BD02 JVM1440SH001 JVM1441BH02 JVM1441BH04 JVM1630BB003 JVM1660SB002 JVM1660SB003 JVM1660SB007 JVM1660SB02 JVM1661BB002 EMO3000CBB02 EMO3000CSS04 JVM1441BD001 JVM1443LK01 JVM1450BC001 JVM1640BB001 JVM1640BB005 JVM1642BB001 JVM1650BB01 JVM1650BB03 JVM1651BB005 JVM1660BB02 JVM1660BB03 RVM1625BD004 EMO2000C01BB EMO3000CBB03 JVM1430BD03 JVM1440BH02 JVM1630BB006 JVM1631BB001 JVM1631BB01 JVM1631BB02 JVM1640BB003 JVM1650BB04 JVM1650SB003 JVM1651BB002 JVM1651BB04 JVM1660BB002 JVM1660BB007 JVM1660SB01 RVM1625BD003 EMO3000CBB04 EMO3000CSS03 JVM1421BC01 JVM1440LK02 JVM1441BH03 JVM1441SH02 JVM1630BB03 JVM1640BB01 JVM1640BB02 JVM1640BB03 JVM1650BB004 JVM1650BB02 JVM1651BB004 JVM1651BB02 JVM1660BB001 RVM1535DM1BB RVM1535MM1SA RVM1625BD002 363.627093 EMO2000C02BB EMO3000CSS001 EMO3000CSS02 JVM1410BC002 JVM1421BC002 JVM1430BD001 JVM1430BD01 JVM1440BH03 JVM1440LK01 JVM1440SH01 JVM1440SH02 JVM1441SH01 JVM1450BC002 JVM1630BB02 JVM1631BB03 JVM1642BB005 JVM1642BB006 JVM1642BB01 JVM1642BB02 JVM165 JVM166

  • ?£à Part Numbers: WB15X10022, AP2021173, 245428, PS232102, WB15X10083
  • ?£à Ultra Durable Replacement Handle for GE Microwave
  • ?£à Handle Length: 11-3/16"
  • ?£à Please see the list below for compatible models. If you don't see your model number, this handle will NOT fit your microwave.