Lifetime Appliance WB03T10284 Knob Compatible with General Electric Stove/Range

Lifetime Appliance Parts

SKU: 3O-7YP6-093E

  • ✅ Part Numbers: WB03T10284, AP4346312, 1373043, AH2321076, EA2321076, PS2321076, B004H3XPJE
  • ✅ Replacement Knob Compatible with General Electric Stove/Range
  • ✅ Fits Models: ECBP82SM1SS, ECBP82SM2SS, EER4001N01SS, EER4001N02SS, JB3001R1SS, JB3001R2SS, JB3001R3SS, JB645ST1SS, JB645ST2SS, JB645ST3SS, JB650ED1ES, JB650ST1SS, JB650ST2SS, JB650ST3SS, JB655ST1SS, JB655ST2SS, JB655ST3SS, JB680SIT1SS, JB680SP1SS, JB680SP2SS, JB680SP3SS, JB680SP4SS, JB680SP5SS, JB680ST1SS, JB680ST2SS, JB680ST3SS, JB680ST4SS, JB700SN1SS, JB700SN2SS, JB700SN3SS, JB700SN4SS, JB700SN5SS, JB705ED1ES, JB705ST1SS, JB705ST2SS, JB705ST3SS, JB705ST4SS, JB710ED1ES, JB710SN1SS, JB710ST1SS