Door Shelf Bin Rack Compatible with Samsung Refrigerator # DA63-01262B

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Door Shelf Bin Rack Compatible with Samsung Refrigerator

Part Numbers:

DA63-01262B, AP4145615, 1934884, PS4148499, B00OK4T4KE, B00OK4T4KE

Please note this is the 2nd from the bottom bin (see pictures).

Measurements: 25.5" Length x 4" Depth.

The bottom most bin measuring 29" is DA63-01263C instead.

List of Compatible Models:

RB215LABP, RB2044SL, RB1855BB, RB1855BB/XAA, RB195ACBP/XAA-0001, RB195ACPN/XAA-0001, RB195ACWP/XAA-0000, RB2044SL/XAA , RB2044SW, RB2044SW/XAA , RB215ABPN/XAA-0000, RB215ACBP/XAA-0000, RB215ACPN/XAA-0000, RB215ACPN/XAA-0001, RB215ACWP/XAA-0001, RB215LABP/XAA-0000 , RB215LASH/XAA-0000 , RB194ACRS/XAC-00, RB195ACBP/XAA-01, RB195ACPN/XAA-01, RB195ACWP/XAA-00, RB195BSBB/XAA-00 , RB195BSSB/XAA-00 , RB195BSSW/XAA-00 , RB195BSVQ/XAA-00 , RB195ZASH/XAA-00, RB215ABPN/XAA-00, RB215ACBP/XAA-00, RB215ACPN/XAA-00, RB215ACPN/XAA-01, RB215ACWP/XAA-01, RB215LABP/XAA-00 , RB215LASH/XAA-00