Lifetime Appliance 4 x W10818230 Knob Compatible with Whirlpool Stove/Range

Lifetime Appliance Parts



Compatible with Whirlpool Oven, Range or Stove

Replaces part numbers: W10818230, AP5985079, PS11723126, W10569585

If you are unsure our replacement part will fit your appliance model, we are happy to help! Please send us a message with (1) your appliance's model number and (2) the item in question and we can help confirm if this item fits. Please do not order the part unless you are sure. There are many replacement parts that look similar to one another but will NOT fit.

  • ?£à Part Numbers: W10818230, AP5985079, PS11723126, W10569585
  • ?£à 4 x Ultra Durable, Replacement Knob for Whirlpool Stove/Range
  • ?£à NOTE: Please be aware even though "W10594481" is imprinted on the back of your knob, please confirm the model number and stem length before ordering. The print on the back of your knob may be incorrect
  • ?£à Fits models: WEG730H0DB0, WEG730H0DS0, WEG730H0DW0, WEG760H0DE0, WEG760H0DH0, WEG760H0DS0
  • ?£à NOTE: The length of the stem is approximately 7/8 inch. If your stem is 1/2 inch, then you need W10594481 instead and this knob won't fit. If your knob has "Off", "Ignite", etc. you will need W10766544 instead.