Lifetime Appliance 242126602 Door Bin Side Shelf Rack Compatible with Frigidaire or Electrolux Refrigerator

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Lifetime Appliance Parts

Lifetime Appliance Parts have been in the business for selling the best parts since 2013. We are here to serve you and provide best quality parts possible.

Lifetime Appliance Parts

Lifetime Appliance Parts' replacement parts are manufactured of high-quality and durable materials free from harmful chemicals. Our products exceed OEM expectations to fit just right on any appliances you are looking to replace. It is our dignity to continue to provide the best parts and with exceptional services.

  • Easy to install for your DIY projects
  • Wide range of compatibility with OEM specifications
  • Durability that lasts
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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242126602 Door Bin Side Shelf Rack

Max length: 16"

Depth: 5-1/2"

Height: 5-3/4"

Please note these two items have different hook shapes. Please confirm your part shape and part number before ordering.

Many replacement parts look the same but it won't fit your model. Please check your model number or check with us before you make a purchase to prevent any fitment issues and returns.

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This item will fit these following model numbers:

DGHX2655TF0 , DGHX2655TF5 , DGHX2655TF6 , FFSS2615TD0 , FFSS2615TE0 , FFSS2615TP0 , FFSS2615TS0 , FFSS2625TE0 , FFSS2625TP0 , FFSS2625TS0 , FGHS2631PF5A , FGSS2635TD0 , FGSS2635TD4 , FGSS2635TD5 , FGSS2635TE0 , FGSS2635TE4 , FGSS2635TE5 , FGSS2635TF0 , FGSS2635TF1 , FGSS2635TF5 , FGSS2635TF6 , FGSS2635TP0 , FGSS2635TP4 , FGSS2635TP5 , LFSS2612TD0 , LFSS2612TE0 , LFSS2612TF0 , LFSS2612TP0 , LGHX2636TD0 , LGHX2636TF0 , LGHX2636TF4 , LGHX2636TF5

  • ✅ Part Numbers: 242126602, AP6278233
  • ✅ Ultra Durable, non-OEM Replacement Door Bin Shelf Compatible with Frigidaire or Electrolux Refrigerator
  • ✅ Premium Quality: We utilize premium, highly durable materials guaranteed to exceed OEM specifications. LAP Guarantee: For any reason you're not completely satisfied, you are welcome to return the product for a full refund, no questions asked.
  • ✅ *** PLEASE READ *** Please confirm measurements before ordering - Maximum Length: 16", Depth: 5-1/2", Height: 5-3/4" - If your bin is greater than 16" wide, you will need 240323001 or 240363701 instead and this will NOT fit as it is too short.
  • ✅ This will be the 2 bottom racks of fridge only and it will NOT fit the top 2 bin/racks.