Bake Element Compatible with GE Range/Stove # WB44X5099

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Bake Element Compatible with General Electric Oven

Part Numbers:

WB44X5099, AP2031097, 3366, AH249483, AP7, EA249483, PS249483, RP44X5099, TS44X5099, WB44X0103, WB44X0105, WB44X0111, WB44X0112, WB44X0117, WB44X0118, WB44X0119, WB44X0120, WB44X0125, WB44X0126, WB44X0133, WB44X103, WB44X105, WB44X111, WB44X112, WB44X117, WB44X118, WB44X119, WB44X120, WB44X125, WB44X126, WB44X133, WB44X5083, WB44X5083R, WB44X5098, WB44X5099R, WB44X6083, WB44X6099, WB49X0040, WB49X40

List of Compatible Models:

JBP90GS1, J792xL1, JK25x02, RB524xA1, RB525xA1, RB528xA1, RB536xA1, RB628xA1, RB636x02, RB636x03, RB636xA1, RF43xR3, RF49xR3, RS776Gx01