Bake Element Compatible with GE Stove/Range # WB44X5082

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SKU: WB44X5082

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Bake Element Compatible with General Electric Oven

Part Numbers:

WB44X5082, AP2031084, 3358, 8030, AH249466, EA249466, PS249466, RP44X5082, TS44X5082, WB44X0192, WB44X10003, WB44X1126, WB44X192, WB44X5061, WB44X5072, WB44X5082R, WB44X5085, WB44X6082, WR44X5082R

List of Compatible Models:

JB390G*H1, JB391G*H1, JB391G*J1, JB391G*J3, JB391G*J4, JB391G*K1, JB400G*H1, JB400G*H2, JB400G*H3, JB400G*H4, JB400G*H5, JB400G*H6, JB400G*J1, JB400G*J3, JB400G*J4, JB400G*K1, JB400G*K2, JB450G*J2, JB450G*J3, JB450G*K1, JB450G*K2, JB450G*N1, JB450G*N2, JB450G*P1, JB450G*P2, JB490G*H1, JB490G*J1, JB490G*J3, JB490G*J4, JB490G*J5, JB500*D1, JB500*D2, JB500*D3, JB500*D4, JB500G*B1, JB500G*D1, JB500G*D2, JB500G*D3, JB500G*D4, JB500G*D5, JB500G*H3, JB500G*H4, JB500G*H5, JB500G*H6, JB500G*J1, JB500G*J3, JB500G*W4, JB500G*W5, JB500G*W6, JB500*W4, JB500*W5, JB500*W6, JB550G*J2, JB550G*J3, JB550G*J4, JB550G*J5, JB550G*N2, JB550G*P1, JB550G*P2, JB551G*L1, JB551G*N2, JB551G*P1, JB551G*P2, JB600G*04, JB600G*05, JB600G*C1, JB600G*D1, JB600G*D2, JB600G*D3, JB600G*D4, JB600G*H2, JB600G*H3, JB600G*J1, JB600G*J4, JB600G*J5, JB600G*J6, JB600G*J7, JB600G*J8, JBC16G*01, JBC16G*02, JBC16G*03, JBC16G*F1, JBC16G*F2, JBC16G*J1, JBC16G*J2, JBC16G*J3, JBC16G*K1, JBC16G*K2, JBC16G*N1, JBC16G*N2, JBC16G*P1, JBC16G*P2, JBC16G*R1, JBC16G*R2, JBC16G*R3, JBC17G*R2, JBC17G*R3, JBC17GS1, JBC17GS2, JBC17GV1, JBC17GV3, JBC26*07, JBC26*07, JBC26*55, JBC26*F1, JBC26*F2, JBC26*F3, JBC26*F4, JBC26*J1, JBC26*J3, JBC26*K1, JBC26*N1, JBC26*N3, JBC26*P1, JBC27GW1, JBC27GW1AD, JBP19GS1, JBP19GS2, JBP19GV1, JBP19GV2, JBP20GS1, JBP21GS1, JBP21GS2, JBP21GV1, JBP21GV2, JBP21SV1, JBP21SV2, JBP22*08, JBP22*F1, JBP22*F2, JBP22*F3, JBP22GES1, JBP22GES2, JBP22G*J1, JBP22G*J2, JBP22G*K1, JBP22G*K2, JBP22G*N1, JBP22G*N2, JBP22G*P1, JBP22G*P2, JBP22G*R1, JBP22G*R2, JBP22G*R3, JBP22*J1, JBP22*J3, JBP22*J4, JBP22*K1, JBP22*K2, JBP22*N1, JBP22*N2, JBP22*P1, JBP22*R1, JBP22*R2, JBP22*R3, JBP22S1, JBP22S2, JBP22V1, JBP23*01, JBP23*F1, JBP23*F2, JBP23*F3, JBP23*F4, JBP23*F5, JBP23GS1, JBP23GS2, JBP23GV1, JBP23GV2, JBP23*J1, JBP23*J3, JBP23*J4, JBP23*K1, JBP23*K2, JBP23*N1, JBP24DW1, JBP24G*04, JBP24G*05, JBP24G*F1, JBP24G*F2, JBP24G*F3, JBP24G*H2, JBP24G*H3, JBP24G*J1, JBP24G*J3, JBP24G*J4, JBP24G*K1, JBP24G*K2, JBP24G*N1, JBP24G*N2, JBP24G*P1, JBP24G*P2, JBP24G*R1, JBP24G*R2, JBP24G*R3, JBP24GS1, JBP24GS2, JBP24GV1, JBP24GV2, JBP24GW1, JBP25G*N1, JBP25G*N2, JBP25G*P1, JBP25G*P2, JBP25G*R1, JBP25G*R2, JBP25G*R3, JBP25GS1, JBP25GS2, JBP25GV1, JBP25GV2, JBP26A*N1, JBP26A*N2, JBP26A*P1, JBP26A*P2, JBP26A*R1, JBP26A*R2, JBP26AV1, JBP26AV2, JBP26AV3, JBP26*D1, JBP26*F1, JBP26*F2, JBP26*F3, JBP26*F4, JBP26*F5, JBP26G*F1, JBP26G*F2, JBP26G*H2, JBP26G*H3, JBP26G*J1, JBP26G*J3, JBP26G*J4, JBP26G*K1, JBP26G*K2, JBP26G*N1, JBP26G*N2, JBP26G*P1, JBP26G*P2, JBP26G*R1, JBP26G*R2, JBP26G*R3, JBP26GS1, JBP26GS2, JBP26GV2, JBP26GV3, JBP26*J1, JBP26*J3, JBP26*J4, JBP26*K1, JBP26*K2, JBP26*N1, JBP26*W5, JBP26W*N1, JBP26W*N2, JBP26W*P1, JBP26W*P2, JBP26W*R1, JBP26W*R2, JBP26WT1, JBP26WV1, JBP26WV2, JBP27G*R1, JBP27G*R2, JBP27G*R3, JBP28G*R1, JBP28G*R2, JBP28G*R3, JBP45AS1, JBP45AS2, JBP45AV1, JBP45AV2, JBP45AW1, JBP45G*R1, JBP45G*R2, JBP45G*R3, JBP45GS1, JBP45GS2, JBP45GV1, JBP45GV2, JBP45WS1, JBP45WS2, JBP45WV1, JBP45WV2, JBP46GIV1, JBP46GS1, JBP46GS2, JBP46GV1, JBP46GV2, JBP46GV3, JBP47GS1, JBP47GS2, JBP47GV1, JBP47GV2, JBP48GS1, JBP48GS2, JBP48GV1, JBP55G*R1, JBP55G*R2, JBP55G*R3, JBP55GS1, JBP55GS2, JBP56G*R1, JBP56G*R2, JBP56G*R3, JBP56GS1, JBP56GS2, JBP58GS1, JBP58GS2, JBP60GV1WH, JBP60GV2WH, JBP60GV3WH, JBP63DW1AD, JBP63DW1WH, JBP63GW1AD, JBP63GW1WH, JBP63SV1AD, JBP63SV1WH, JBP63SV2AD, JBP63SV2WH, JBP63SV3AD, JBP63SV3WH, JBP65GS1AD, JBP65GS1WH, JBP65GS2AD, JBP65GS2WH, JBP65GV1AD, JBP65GV1WH, JBP65GV2AD, JBP65GV2WH, JBP65GV3AD, JBP65GV3WH, JBP66GW1AD, JBP66GW1WH, JBP75AS1, JBP75AS2, JBP75AV1, JBP75AV2, JBP75AV3, JBP75AW1, JBP75GS1AD, JBP75GS1WH, JBP75GS2AD, JBP75GS2WH, JBP75GS3AD, JBP75GS3WH, JBP75GV1AD, JBP75GV1WH, JBP75GV2AD, JBP75GV2WH, JBP75GV3AD, JBP75GV3WH, JBP75WS1, JBP75WS2, JBP75WV1, JBP75WV2, JBP75WV3, JBP75WW1, JBP76GIV1, JBP76GS1, JBP76GS2, JBP76GV1, JBP76GV2, JBP76GV3, JBP77GS1, JBP77GS2, JBP77GV1, JBP77GV2, JBP77GV3, JBP78GS1, JBP78GS2, JBP78GV1, JBP78GV2, JBP78GV3, JBP79AS1, JBP79AS2, JBP79AV1, JBP79AV2, JBP79AW1, JBP79GS1, JBP79GS2, JBP79GV1, JBP79GV2, JBP79GW1, JBP79WS1, JBP79WS2, JBP79WV1, JBP79WV2, JBP79WW1, JBP80AS1, JBP80AS2, JBP80AV1, JBP80GS1, JBP80GS2, JBP80GV1, JBP80WS1, JBP80WS2, JBP80WV1, JBP87G*06, JBP87G*07, JBP87G*08, JBP87G*D1, JBP90AS1, JBP90AS2, JBP90AV1, JBP90AV2, JBP90AW1, JBP90GS1, JBP90GS2, JBP90GV1, JBP90GV2, JBP90GW1, JBP90WS1, JBP90WS2, JBP90WV1, JBP90WV2, JBP90WW1, JBP95AT3, JBP95AV1, JBP95AV2, JBP95AW1, JBP95GT3, JBP95GV1, JBP95GV2, JBP95GW1, JBP95WT3, JBP95WV1, JBP95WV2, JBS02*04, JBS02*05, JBS02*J1, JBS02*J2, JBS02*J3, JBS02*N1, JBS02*N2, JBS02*P1, JBS02*R1, JBS02*R2, JBS02*R3, JBS02S1, JBS02S2, JBS03*05, JBS03*06, JBS034K1, JBS034K1, JBS034N1, JBS034N1, JBS034P1, JBS034R1, JBS034S1, JBS034S2, JBS034V1, JBS03*F1, JBS03*F2, JBS03G*F1, JBS03G*J1, JBS03G*J3, JBS03G*K1, JBS03G*K2, JBS03G*N1, JBS03G*N2, JBS03G*P1, JBS03G*P2, JBS03G*R1, JBS03G*R2, JBS03G*R3, JBS03GS1, JBS03GS2, JBS03GV1, JBS03GV2, JBS03*J1, JBS03*J3, JBS03*K1, JBS03*N1, JBS03*N2, JBS03*P1, JBS03*R1, JBS03*R2, JBS03*R3, JBS03S1, JBS03V1, JBS06G*R1, JBS06G*R2, JBS06G*R3, JBS06GS1, JBS06GS2, JBS06*R1, JBS06*R2, JBS06*R3, JBS07T1, JBS07V1, JBS07V2, JBS12G*R1, JBS12G*R2, JBS12G*R3, JBS12GS1, JBS16*06, JBS16*07, JBS16*F1, JBS16*F2, JBS16G*F1, JBS16G*F2, JBS16G*J1, JBS16G*J3, JBS16G*K1, JBS16G*K2, JBS16G*N1, JBS16G*N2, JBS16G*P1, JBS16G*P2, JBS16G*R1, JBS16G*R2, JBS16G*R3, JBS16GS1, JBS16GS2, JBS16GV1, JBS16GV2, JBS16GV3, JBS16*J1, JBS16*J3, JBS16*K1, JBS16*K2, JBS16*N1, JBS16*N3, JBS16*P1, JBS16*R1, JBS16*R2, JBS16*R3, JBS16S1, JBS16S2, JBS16V1, JBS16V2, JBS17G*R1, JBS17G*R2, JBS17G*R3, JBS17GS1, JBS17GS2, JBS17GV1, JBS17GV2, JBS17GV3, JBS18G*R1, JBS18G*R2, JBS18G*R3, JBS18GS1, JBS18GS2, JBS18GV1, JBS18GV2, JBS18GV3, JBS21G*H1, JBS21G*J1, JBS21G*J3, JBS21G*K1, JBS26*07, JBS26*55, JBS26*F1, JBS26*F2, JBS26*F3, JBS26*F4, JBS26G*F1, JBS26G*F2, JBS26G*H2, JBS26G*J1, JBS26G*J3, JBS26G*K1, JBS26G*K2, JBS26G*N1, JBS26G*N2, JBS26G*P1, JBS26G*P2, JBS26G*R3, JBS26*J1, JBS26*J3, JBS26*K1, JBS26*N1, JBS26*N3, JBS26*P1, JBS26*R1, JBS26*R2, JBS26*R3, JBS26S1, JBS26S2, JBS26W1, JBS27AW1, JBS27G*R1, JBS27G*R2, JBS27G*R3, JBS27GS1, JBS27GS2, JBS27GT1, JBS27GV1, JBS27GV2, JBS27GV3, JBS27GV4, JBS27WW1, JBS30GT1AD, JBS30GT1WH, JBS30GV1AD, JBS30GV1WH, JBS30GV2AD, JBS30GV2WH, JBS30GV3AD, JBS30GV3WH, JBS30GV4AD, JBS30GV4WH, JCP68*W2, JCP68*W3, JCP68*W4, JCS56*W4, JCS66*W4, JGHP66GEN7, JHC56*D1, JHC56G*D1, JHC56G*D2, JHC56*VA, JHC56*VB, JHP56*D1, JHP56G*C1, JHP56G*D1, JHP56G*D2, JHP56G*D3, JHP56G*H2, JHP56G*H2, JHP56G*J1, JHP56G*J1, JHP56G*J2, JHP56G*J3, JHP56G*M1, JHP56G*V6, JHP56N*K1, JHP56N*K2, JHP56N*K3, JHP56N*K4, JHP56*V8, JHP56*VA, JHP56V*K1, JHP56V*K2, JHP56V*K3, JHP56V*K4, JHP60G*01, JHP60G*02, JHP60G*03, JHP60G*04, JHP61G*H2, JHP61G*J1, JHP62G*M1, JHP62N*K1, JHP62N*K2, JHP62N*K2, JHP62N*K3, JHP62N*K3, JHP62N*K4, JHP62N*K5, JHP62V*K1, JHP62V*K2, JHP62V*K2, JHP62V*K3, JHP62V*K3, JHP62V*K4, JHP62V*K5, JHP63G*H1, JHP63G*J1, JHP63G*J2, JHP63G*J3, JHP63G*M1, JHP63V*K1, JHP63V*K2, JHP63V*K3, JHP63V*K4, JHP63V*K5, JHP64G*L1, JHP64V*L1, JHP65G*01, JHP65G*02, JHP65G*D1, JHP66G*01, JHP66G*02, JHP67G*D1, JHP67G*D2, JHP67G*D3, JHP67G*H2, JHP67G*V5, JHP68G*01, JHP68G*02, JHP69G*H2, JHP69G*J1, JHP69G*K1, JHP69G*K2, JHP69G*K2, JHP69G*K3, JHP69G*K3, JHP69G*K4, JHP69G*K5, JHP70G*M1, JHP70N*K1, JHP70N*K2, JHP70N*K2, JHP70N*K3, JHP70N*K3, JHP70N*K4, JHP70N*K5, JHP70V*K1, JHP70V*K2, JHP70V*K2, JHP70V*K3, JHP70V*K3, JHP70V*K4, JHP70V*K5, JHP75G*01, JHP75G*02, JHP75G*03, JHP75G*D1, JHP97G*D1, JHP97G*Y2, JHP97G*Y3, JHP97G*Y5, JHP97G*Y6, JHP98G*Y2, JHP98G*Y3, JHP98G*Y4, JHP98G*Y5, JSC27G*04, JSC27G*05, JSC27G*06, JSC27G*H1, JSC27G*J1, JSC27G*J2, JSC27G*J3, JSC27G*J4, JSC27G*J5, JSC27G*J7, JSP23*02, JSP27*02, JSP27*05, JSP27*D1, JSP27*D3, JSP27*J1, JSP27*J2, JSP27*J3, JSP27*J4, JSP27*J5, JSP27*J6, JSP28G*02, JSP28G*05, JSP28G*D1, JSP28G*D3, JSP28G*H1, JSP28G*H2, JSP28G*J1, JSP28G*J2, JSP28G*J3, JSP28G*J4, JSP28G*J5, JSP28G*J6, JSP28G*J7, JSP48G*01, JSP48G*H2, JSP48G*J1, JSP48G*J2, JSP48G*J3, JSP48G*J4, JSP48G*J5, JSP48G*J6, JSP48G*J7, JSP48G*J8, JSP49G101, JSP49G1H2, JSP49G1J1, JSP49G1J2, JSP49G1J3, JSP49G1J4, JSP49G1J5, JSP49G1J6, JSP49G1J7, JSP49G1J8, JSS01*01, JSS01*02, JSS01*03, JSS01*04, JSS01*J1, JSS01*J2, JSS01*J3, JSS06*03, JSS26*03, JSS26*04, JSS26*05, JSS26*J1, JSS26*J2, JSS26*J3, JSS26*J4, JSS26*J6, JSS27G*03, JSS27G*04, JSS27G*05, JSS27G*H1, JSS27G*J1, JSS27G*J2, JSS27G*J3, JSS27G*J4, JSS27G*J5, JSS27G*J7, RB524*J1, RB524*J2, RB524*J3, RB524*N1, RB524*P1, RB524*R1, RB524*R2, RB524*R3, RB524S1, RB525*F1, RB525*F2, RB525G*F1, RB525G*H1, RB525G*J1, RB525G*J2, RB525G*J3, RB525G*J4, RB525G*J5, RB525G*J6, RB525G*N1, RB525G*N2, RB525G*N3, RB525G*R1, RB525G*R2, RB525GS2, RB525GV1, RB525GV2, RB525*J1, RB525*J2, RB525*J3, RB525*J4, RB525*N1, RB525*N2, RB525*N3, RB525*R1, RB525*R2, RB525*R3, RB525S1, RB525S2, RB525V1, RB526S1, RB526S2, RB526V1, RB526V2, RB532G*F1, RB532G*H1, RB532G*J1, RB532G*J2, RB532G*J3, RB532G*J4, RB532G*J5, RB532G*J6, RB532G*N1, RB532G*N2, RB532G*N3, RB532G*R1, RB532G*R2, RB532G*R3, RB532GS2, RB533GS1, RB533GS2, RB533GV1, RB533GV2, RB533GV3, RB533GW1, RB534GT1, RB534GV1, RB534GV2, RB534GV3, RB536*F1, RB536*F2, RB536*F3, RB536*F4, RB536GW1, RB536*J1, RB536*J2, RB536*J3, RB536*J4, RB536*J5, RB536*JX, RB536*N1, RB536*N3, RB536*N4, RB536*R1, RB536*R3, RB536S1, RB536S2, RB536V1, RB536V2, RB628*F1, RB632G*F1, RB632G*H1, RB632G*J1, RB632G*J2, RB632G*J3, RB632G*J4, RB632G*J5, RB632G*J6, RB632G*N1, RB632G*N2, RB632G*N3, RB632G*R1, RB632G*R2, RB632G*R3, RB632GS1, RB632GS2, RB632GV1, RB632GV2, RB632GV3, RB632GW1, RB633GV1, RB633GV2, RB636*F1, RB636*F2, RB636*F3, RB636*F4, RB636*J1, RB636*J2, RB636*J3, RB636*J4, RB636*J5, RB636*JX, RB636*N1, RB636*N3, RB636*N4, RB636*R1, RB636*R2, RB658*A1, RB658*A2, RB658*A3, RB731*04, RB731*05, RB734*A2, RB734*A3, RB734*A4, RB734*A5, RB734*A6, RB734*J1, RB734*J2, RB734*J3, RB734*J4, RB734*J5, RB734*J6, RB734*J7, RB734*J8, RB735G*A1, RB735G*A2, RB735G*A3, RB735G*A4, RB735G*A5, RB735G*A6, RB735G*H1, RB735G*H2, RB735G*J1, RB735G*J2, RB735G*J3, RB735G*J4, RB735G*J5, RB735G*J6, RB735G*J7, RB735G*J8, RB737*A2, RB737*A3, RB737*A4, RB737*A5, RB737*D1, RB737*D2, RB737*D3, RB737*D4, RB737G*D1, RB737*J1, RB737*J2, RB737*J3, RB737*J4, RB737*J5, RB737*J6, RB737*J7, RB747*A2, RB747*A3, RB747*A4, RB747*A5, RB747*D1, RB747*D2, RB747*D3, RB747G*A2, RB747G*A3, RB747G*A4, RB747G*A5, RB747G*D1, RB747G*D2, RB747G*D3, RB747G*H1, RB747G*H2, RB747G*J1, RB747G*J2, RB747G*J3, RB747G*J4, RB747G*J5, RB747G*J6, RB747G*J7, RB761G*N1