Door Handle Compatible with GE Microwave # WB15X322

Lifetime Appliance Parts

SKU: WB15X322

White Door Handle for GE Microwave

Part Numbers:

WB15X322, AP2021140, 2331, AH232252, EA232252, PS232252, WB15X0319, WB15X0322, WB15X0324, WB15X319, WB15X324

List of Compatible Models:

JVM230WV01, JVM240BV01, JVM240WV01, JVM231WV01, JVM230WL01, JVM240WL01, JVM250WV01, JVM240WL02, JVM230WL02, JVM239WV01, JVM240AV01, JVM250WL03, JVM231WL01, JVM231WL02, RVM225WL02, JVM239WL01, RVM225BL01, RVM225BL02, JVM260WV01, JVM239WL02, LVM235WL02, RVM225WL01, JVM250WL02, JVM250WL01, LVM235WL01