Door Handle Compatible with Frigidaire Refrigerator # 5304506471 (LEFT Slope ONLY)

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SKU: 5304506471-LEFT

Black Door Handle for Frigidaire Refrigerator (Left Slope Only)

Please note this is for the left slope only. Please confirm the correct slope you need before ordering

Part Numbers:

5304506471, AP6036332, 5304486361, 5304504510, 5304504509, 242059503, 242059506, B074CNJS8C

List of Compatible Models:

CFTR1826LM0, CFTR1826LM0, CFTR1826LM2, CFTR1826LM3, CFTR1826LM4, CFTR1826LM5, CFTR1826LM6, CFTR1826LM7, CFTR1826LM8, CFTR1826LM9, CFTR1826LMA, CFTR1826LMC, CFTR1826LMD, FFHI1817LB0, FFHI1817LB1, FFHI1817LB2, FFHI1817LB3, FFHI1817LB4, FFHI1817LB6, FFHI1817LB8, FFHI1817LB8, FFHI1817LB9, FFHI1826LB0, FFHI1826LB1, FFHI1826LB2, FFHI1826LB2, FFHI1826LB3, FFHI1826LB4, FFHI1826LB6, FFHI1826LB7, FFHI1826LB8, FFHI1826LB9, FFHI2117LB0, FFHI2117LB2, FFHI2117LB3, FFHI2126LB0, FFHI2126LB1, FFHI2126LB2, FFHI2126LB5, FFHI2126LB6, FFHI2126LB7, FFHI2126PB0, FFHI2126PB1, FFHI2126PB2, FFHT1814LB0, FFHT1814LB1, FFHT1814LB2, FFHT1814LB2, FFHT1814LB3, FFHT1814LB4, FFHT1814LB5, FFHT1814LB6, FFHT1814LB7, FFHT1814LB8, FFHT1814LB9, FFHT1814LM0, FFHT1814LM1